The world or the Earth is the most interesting place for us, mainly because we inhabit it. Our very survival depends on the Earth. It makes us curious about its geography, people and all animate and inanimate things. We wanted to know everything about this world which gave rise to many faculties of studies. The world is divided in ((continents)) - ((Asia)), ((Africa)), ((Europe)), ((North America)), ((South America)), ((Australia)) and ((Antarctica)). __How and when this world is created__ Even today, nobody knows exactly, how and when this world was created. There are many explanations to it. Scientifically speaking, it is a well accepted theory that the Earth formed over billions of years from a whirling cloud of gas and dust, circling around the Sun, which was then believed to be a new star. According to geological history of the Earth, it began roughly around 3.9 billion years ago with the formation of crust on its surface. __In Religions__ In almost all religions, the formation of the Universe, the world or the Earth is described differntly. There are many stories about it. In Hinduism, Brahma, the creator god has created it. In a differnt version in ((Vaikritik Rahasyam)), The ((Goddess Shakti)) is said to have created even Brahma. In Christianity, this world was created by god in six days. In the First book of Moses, called Genesis, tells us in the very first chapter, how it all began.

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