Umaria is a district in the State of Madhya Pradesh in India. The District extend from 23°38' to 24°20' North and 80°28' to 82°12' East.

It has geographical area of 4548 sq.km. The greatest length of the district is about 150 km. from north to south and the greatest width is about 60km from east to west. The population of the district on the basis of 2001 census is 515963.

It is bounded in the East by Shahdol, West by Katni, North by Satna & Rewa and South by Dindoriby.

There are 3 subdivisions, 4 tehsils and three development blocks in the district.


This district came into existence in 1998 when it was carved out of Shahdol district.


Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly) constituencies and their areas after delimitation order of 2008

89 Bandhavgarh Vidhan Sabha Constituency (ST) - Bandhavgarh-Tehsil.

90 Manpur Vidhan Sabha Constituency (ST) - 1). Manpur-Tehsil and 2). Pali Tehsil.

Places of interest

Bandhavgarh National Park, Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Station Mangthar, Bandhavgarh Fort, Chandia Khas, Pali Birsinghpur, Umaria Town