Morni Hills is in ((Haryana)). It is a nature park at an altitude of 3,000 feet. It is a good place for rock climbing and trekking. One can also sight wild deer, the langur and rhesus monkeys, leopards and peacocks, from which the forest got its name, according to one of the theories. Traditions assign the name of Morni to a Queen who is believed to have ruled this area. Morni Hills are an offshoot of Shivalik range, which run in two parallel ranges. The village of Morni (Bhoj Jabial) lies on the mountainside, at 1220 meters or 3600 feet above sea level. Situated in the lower reaches of the Shivalik range, Morni is ideal for a holiday with its cool clime, beautiful natural vistas and myriad opportunities for bird watching, trekking, rock-climbing and other adventure sports. There is a dilapidated fort of the Queen of Morni. There are two lakes or tals, which seem to be mysteriously interconnected, even though they are separated by a hillock. The water level in both the tals always remains the same, as there is a hidden channel under the hill connecting them. The larger is about 550 meters long and 460 meters broad and the other about 365 meters either way. Locals consider the lake auspicious and gather here on ceremonial occasions. A small temple on the banks contains a Trimurti (the Hindu Trinity), which dates back to the 12th century AD when a Shiva temple was also supposed to have existed at the site. There are interesting treks also to the bank of the river Ghaggar, which flows past Morni. Goat tracks lead out of the tourist complex for those keen on walks.

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