Kondavid is situated about 30 km west of Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, a state of India. This place is famous for one of the twin hill forts of Reddi kings. It is worth mentioning here that the Reddi dynasty ruled in the region around present day Vijayawada and Guntur towns for nearly a hundred years (1328-1428). The kingdom was ravaged by the Bahmanis (1458), the Vijaynagara Kings (1516), the Qutb Shahis, (1531,1537 & 1579), the Mughal Army of Aurangzeb in 1687, the French (1752), the Asafjahi Kings, and finally the British (1766 & 1788). Ruins of three forts from successive periods can be seen here. The main fort is at a height of nearly 320 meters. It consists of massive ramparts, magazines, godowns, granaries and wells. There is a temple with carved stone pillars and a mosque within the fort.
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