Journalism is a profession of reporting news and current affairs for public which transfoms itself from individual communication to mass communication.  !!Defining Journalism Journalism is yet to be defined clearly, however, most of the scholars agree on the point that it is a profession of reporting news and current affairs to the public through various media like print and electronic. !!Forms of Journalism There are five forms of Journalism.1  All the types or shades of journalism fall in these broad categories. 1. Information Journalism - The truth value of the news or bare facts are emphasised in information journalism . 2. Story form of Journalism - It emphasize the enjoyability and consumatory value of news and story news is presented in such a way as to create satisfying aesthetic experiences and to help people relate events to their own lives. 3. Mixed form of Journalism - Mixed form of journalism includes not only words but also photographs, cartoons, cartography, sketches etc in print medium or on the internet.   4. Interactive Journalism - Interactive journalism presents interaction with the people as in interviews and talk-shows. 5. Performance Journalism - Such journalism requires a little bit of performace that includes the style of presentation as we see in radio and television. !!!Types of Journalism There are many types of journalism that falls under the five forms mentioned above.   1. Yellow journalism - 2. Investigative journalism 3. Sports journalism 4. Science journalism !!Media Sometimes people categorise journalism in the form of media that contains news and current affairs. 1. Print journalism 2. Electronic journalism 3. Cyber journalism - also known as internet journalism or web jornalism 4. Radio journalism 5. TV journalism !!History of Journalism Origin of the word dates back to 1825–35. The word first used in French  was ''journalisme. ''However, history of journalism dates back to BC 59, when Roman General Julius Caesar started publicing ''Acta Diurna. '' !!Reference 1. Forms of Journalism: An internal and external history, Akriti Prakashan, Delhi. !!Links from this site ((Journalism and Literature)) ((Journalism in Afghanistan)) ((Journalism in Africa)) ((Journalism in Albania)) ((Journalism in Algeria)) ((Journalism in Andorra)) ((Journalism in Angola)) ((Journalism in Argentina)) ((Journalism in Armenia)) ((Journalism in Australia)) ((Journalism in Austria)) ((Journalism in Azerbaijan)) ((Journalism in Bangladesh)) ((Journalism in Belarus)) ((Journalism in Belgium)) ((Journalism in Benin)) ((Journalism in Bhutan)) ((Journalism in Bolivia)) ((Journalism in Bosnia Herzegovina)) ((Journalism in Botswana)) ((Journalism in Brazil)) ((Journalism in Brunei)) ((Journalism in Bulgaria)) ((Journalism in Burkina Faso)) ((Journalism in Burundi)) ((Journalism in Cambodia)) ((Journalism in Cameroon)) ((Journalism in Canada)) ((Journalism in Cape Verde)) ((Journalism in Central African Republic)) ((Journalism in Chad)) ((Journalism in Chile)) ((Journalism in China)) ((Journalism in Colombia)) ((Journalism in Comoros)) ((Journalism in Democratic Republic of Congo)) ((Journalism in Republic of Congo)) ((Journalism in Croatia)) ((Journalism in Cyprus)) ((Journalism in Czech Republic)) ((Journalism in Denmark)) ((Journalism in Djibouti)) ((Journalism in East Timor)) ((Journalism in Ecuador)) ((Journalism in Egypt)) ((Journalism in Equatorial Guinea)) ((Journalism in Eritrea)) ((Journalism in Estonia)) ((Journalism in Ethiopia)) ((Journalism in Europe)) ((Journalism in Finland)) ((Journalism in France)) ((Journalism in Gabon)) ((Journalism in Gambia)) ((Journalism in Georgia)) ((Journalism in Germany)) ((Journalism in Ghana)) ((Journalism in Greece)) ((Journalism in Guinea)) ((Journalism in Guinea Bissau)) ((Journalism in Guyana)) ((Journalism in Hungary)) ((Journalism in Iceland)) ((Journalism in India)) ((Journalism in Indonesia)) ((Journalism in Ireland)) ((Journalism in Italy)) ((Journalism in Ivory Coast)) ((Journalism in Japan)) ((Journalism in Kazakhstan)) ((Journalism in Kenya)) ((Journalism in Kyrgyzstan)) ((Journalism in Laos)) ((Journalism in Latvia)) ((Journalism in Lesotho)) ((Journalism in Liberia)) ((Journalism in Libya)) ((Journalism in Liechtenstein)) ((Journalism in Lithuania)) ((Journalism in Luxembourg)) ((Journalism in Macedonia)) ((Journalism in Madagascar)) ((Journalism in Malawi)) ((Journalism in Malaysia)) ((Journalism in Maldives)) ((Journalism in Mali)) ((Journalism in Malta)) ((Journalism in Mauritania)) ((Journalism in Mauritius)) ((Journalism in Mexico)) ((Journalism in Miscellaneous)) ((Journalism in Moldova)) ((Journalism in Monaco)) ((Journalism in Mongolia)) ((Journalism in Morocco)) ((Journalism in Mozambique)) ((Journalism in Myanmar)) ((Journalism in Namibia)) ((Journalism in Nepal)) ((Journalism in Netherlands)) ((Journalism in New Guinea)) ((Journalism in New Zealand)) ((Journalism in Niger)) ((Journalism in Nigeria)) ((Journalism in North Korea)) ((Journalism in Norway)) ((Journalism in Pacific Islands)) ((Journalism in Pakistan)) ((Journalism in Paraguay)) ((Journalism in Peru)) ((Journalism in Philippines)) ((Journalism in Poland)) ((Journalism in Portugal)) ((Journalism in Romania)) ((Journalism in Russia)) ((Journalism in Rwanda)) ((Journalism in San Marino)) ((Journalism in Sao Tome)) ((Journalism in Senegal)) ((Journalism in Serbia Montenegro)) ((Journalism in Seychelles)) ((Journalism in Sierra Leone)) ((Journalism in Singapore)) ((Journalism in Slovakia)) ((Journalism in Slovenia)) ((Journalism in Somalia)) ((Journalism in South Africa)) ((Journalism in South Korea)) ((Journalism in Spain)) ((Journalism in Sri Lanka)) ((Journalism in Sudan)) ((Journalism in Suriname)) ((Journalism in Swaziland)) ((Journalism in Sweden)) ((Journalism in Switzerland)) ((Journalism in Taiwan)) ((Journalism in Tajikistan)) ((Journalism in Tanzania)) ((Journalism in Tasmania)) ((Journalism in Thailand)) ((Journalism in Togo)) ((Journalism in Tunisia)) ((Journalism in Turkey)) ((Journalism in Turkey)) ((Journalism inTurkmenistan)) ((Journalism in Uganda)) ((Journalism in Ukraine)) ((Journalism in United Kingdom)) ((Journalism in United States of America)) ((Journalism in Uruguay)) ((Journalism in Uzbekistan)) ((Journalism in Vatican)) ((Journalism in Venezuela)) ((Journalism in Vietnam)) ((Journalism in Zambia)) ((Journalism in Zimbabwe))

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