Dharwad is a district in the State of Karnataka in India. Dharwad district is situated in the Western sector of the northern half of Karnataka State. The District encompasses an area of 4263 sq. kms lying between the latitudinal parallels of 15°02’ and 15°51’ North and longitudes of 73°43’ and 75°35’ East. The district is bounded on the North by the District of Belgaum, on the East by the district of Gadag, on the South Haveri and on the West by Uttara Kannada district.

The District lies approximately about 800 mts above the sea level, which is why it enjoys a moderate and healthy climate. The District may be divided into 3 natural regions, viz., the Malnad, Semi-Malnad and Maidan. These regions, on an average, receive moderate to heavy rainfall and have dense vegetation.

There are five revenue blocks in the district : Dharwad, Hubli, Kalaghatgi, Kundagol and Navalagund.

As per the 2001 census, the district had a population of 1603794.


People from early Paleolithic age inhabited Dharwad district. he district was ruled by various dynasties from the 5th century onwards. Important among them are Badami and Kalyan Chalukyas, Rastrakutas, Vijayanagar, Adilshahi, Mysore kingdom and Peshawas of Pune. Due to the rule of Peshwas, influence of Marathi is seen in the early decades of the 19th century. During the British rule, Dharwad became the divisional headquarter of educational administration and Kannada the vernacular language of the people.

In 1830, the southern Maratha country was brought under Regulation VII and the territories were formed into one Collectorate called Dharwad District or Zilla.

In 1962 the erstwhile towns of Dharwad and Hubli were amalgamated to constitute the Hubli Dharwad Municipal Corporation.


Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly) constituencies and their areas after delimitation order of 2008

69 Navalgund Vidhan Sabha Constituency - 2 Navalgund Taluk 3 Hubli Taluk (Part) 3 Shiraguppi Circle

70 Kundgol Vidhan Sabha Constituency - 5 Kundgol Taluk 3 Hubli Taluk (Part) 1 Hubli and 2 Chabbi Circles.

71 Dharwad Vidhan Sabha Constituency - Hubli-Dharwad (M Corp.) (Part) Hubli-Dharwad (M Corp.) - Ward No. 3 to 10, 1 Dharwad Taluk (Part) 2 Garag and 3 Amminabhavi Circles.

72 Hubli Dharwad East Vidhan Sabha Constituency (SC):- Hubli-Dharwad (M Corp.) (Part) Hubli-Dharwad (M Corp.) - Ward No.41, 45 and 48 to 67.

73 Hubli Dharwad Central Vidhan Sabha Constituency - Hubli-Dharwad (M Corp.) (Part) Hubli-Dharwad (M Corp.) - Ward No. 24 to 34, 38 to 40, 42 to 44, 46 and 47.

74 Hubli Dharwad West Vidhan Sabha Constituency - Hubli-Dharwad (M Corp.) (Part) Hubli-Dharwad (M Corp.) - Ward No.1, 2, 11 to 23 and 35 to 37.

75 Kalghatgi Vidhan Sabha Constituency - 4 Kalghatgi Taluk 1 Dharwad Taluk (Part) 4 Alnavar and 1 Dharwad Circles. Alnavar TP

Places of interest

Someshvar, Dattaatreya Swamy Temple, Hanuman Temple at Nuggikeri, Kelgeri Tank, Murugharaajendra Swaamy Mutt, All saints Church, Vidyavardhaka Sangha, Lord Uluvi Channabasaveshwara Temple, Dhummavaada Tank or Nirsaagar, Tatvaanveshana Mandira, Goddess Banashankari at Amargol, Garag, Amminabhaavi, Kalaghatagi,