Places have always been of interest to us for numerous reasons. For some they are just beautiful. For others they might be useful for their very existance. They might be of interest due to some utilitarian purposes, while some just wonder about the places. Some are historical places and some have religious importance attached to them. Places even carry some folklore that have certain imprint on human mind, and so on. When we talk about places of interest, it is but natural that the Earth we inhabit is of greatest interest to us. The World, as a whole, thus is the most interesting place in this universe for human beings, the mysteries and wonders of which has never been fully revealed. Revealation about this world is a continuous process, the human civilization have been indulging in. Just for convenience, the places of interests in this world in generally divided into regions - ((Americas)), ((Africa)), ((Asia-Pacific)), ((Europe)), ((Middle East)), and ((South Asia)). The basis of this categorisations is partly geography and partly political. These categories are not final in themselves. One can choose to categorise the places in any other way one would like to. However, the present categorisation is most convenient. It helps us identify the places quickly.
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