Kama is one of the four fundamental pursuits of life.

Kama, in essence, means sex in all its manifestations. It applies to all the activities that can be called "the pleasure of the senses".

Thus, passion, lust and desire all are Kama.

The whole life is Kam. It is the product of Kama, it survives in Kama, and it is the driving force for all that we do.

All the seven emotions of life Happiness, love, hate, anger, anxiety, fear, and grief are Kama.

Everything that we produce is, but the product of Kama.

Even, the Dharm, is the product of Kama, since we have desired to be a society based on justice to all so that everybody can live happily.

Matter becomes wealth and meaningful, only because of our pursuit for Kama.

Dangers of Kama
When it is too much, it triggers devastation for individuals and for societies.