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We believe that there are only four Fundamental Pursuits of life - Dharm, Arth, Kama and Moksh, that the whole humanity has been pursuing from the time immemorial with the three great ideas of God, Freedom, and Immortality. It is in this pursuit we have accumulated a great repository of Knowledge that can be categorized in the five categories namely - Time, Universe, Matter, Energy, and Life. We would try to cover all these aspects in this website and you are welcome to write on your subjects of choice.

Our Policy and the network

Our Policy is very simple. 'Spreading knowledge as public service' is in its core. By any pursuit, we mean any lawful pursuit whatsoever, right from simple common sense to highest philosophy or preliminary knowledge to academics. Our focus is on information, knowledge and wisdom. To achieve this goal we have created this network called AnyPursuit Network. You are welcome to join us as registered user for the larger interest of people in general and for your own benefit in particular. Search this website for the information you need, and if you do not find it, please create a page so that people may contribute there to enable you to get the desired information.

We invite you to send us feedback or queries either by mail or through contact us form.

How you can contribute

You can contribute in our endeavour in many ways.
*By giving intellectual input to us
*By writing directly into the websites of the network
*By giving us moral support
*By rendering financial support to us
*By advertising on the network sites
*By purchasing from our shop
*By using our services

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