!ASTROLOGY ASTROLOGY, a science founded on a presumed connection between the heavenly bodies and human destiny as more or less affected by them, a science at one time believed in by men of such intelligence as Tacitus and Kepler, and few great families at one time but had an astrologer attached to them to read the horoscope of any new member of the house. Astrology is also the study of the effect of movement of planets, sun, moon, and stars on anything in general and on human beings in particular. It tries to know what happened to the person or anything else like countries in the past, what is their present status and what is their overall future. Thus, this study, assumes and attempts to interpret the influence of the heavenly bodies on human affairs or anything else. Earlier it was considered as the science of astronomy, however, this meaning is obsolete. Astrology is based on the theory that the movements of the celestial bodies — the stars, the planets, the sun, and the moon — influence human affairs and determine the course of events. Astrology had been served as the fundamental motivation for emergence of astronomy that studies the planetary positions. These planetary positions are the basis of making horoscopes to interpret their enfluence on human and natural affairs.
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