In course of development of human civilization, people tried to add some beauty to the objects they used. In the early aged of civilization, people even designed their stone tools to fulfil the aesthetic urge of the people. However, rapid progess in this direction was made with the felt need of expression. People needed to express some or the other things or concepts in their mind. This way, an art is primarily a form of expression. It ads aesthetics to the object it is applied to and even give deeper meaning to the expression. It was, but natural, the need of expression that gave birth to the sounds, meaningful or without meaning. Meaningless sounds created through objects like horns in the early ages and later through musical instruments like drums were given certain rhythm and a branch of art, that is ((music)), emerged. Expression through ((body language)) gave rise to to art form like ((drama)). People needed to express their concepts even through engraving in stones which gave rise to ((sculpture)), ((drawing)), ((painting)) and so on. As for the meaningful sounds, people needed to record them in pictures which gave birth to invention of ((writing)). The alphabets were designed to express greater concepts that needed meaningful words. The development of writing gave birth to ((written language)). Whatever development we enjoy now, is mainly pushed forward through this means of communication. This written language gave birth to other forms of arts in ((literatue)), ((plays)), ((films)), etc.
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